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Bush Of Bamboo

Artist: Yximalloo

Year: 1986
Country: Japan
Catalog No: Sakura Wrechords, Y, 6821
Format: Tape
A1 Za Happy Madnes Flom Za Plant (Korgo)  
A2 Thegreatkingofhorror#4  
A3 NeW RighT#11 ????? (Setoguchi)  
A4 He Is My Waife# (Korgo)  
A5 Local Opens Market  
A6 Koxgaragattchatta#5  
A7 Templu Of 1,000 Buddhas#6  
A8 Creeper Do Multiprise Wis 4 Dimention-Ly In Za Forest ???????????????????  
A9 Hi-HY-Hi Tech Agnikaluture  
A10 Karate Chops-A-Hoy#6  
A11 Immitasion Girl Rings Za Gong ??????????  
A12 Tsitybcowpis#4 (Korgo)  
A13 Villegi Of People Of Farm Of Normal#4 ????  
A14 May I Eat You, Sir?  
A15 Tranceplanting  
A16 Lfe In A Quiete Villegi  
A17 Thegreatkingofhorror#11  
B1 AAck Me Beethoven  
B2 A-E A-E  
B3 Oddd Hat#2  
B4 He Talks To Ashtorny ?????????? (Korgo)  
B5 Indastry Meets Agrikalture ????  
B6 Gas Ceremony Of Lokal Society  
B7 THe OLd LADy From THe NeW TERitORy#2  
B8 P.C.#9 1:44 Yximalloo Bush Of Bamboo  
B9 Four Men Wear Black Suit#5  
B10 I Goes To Rice Fields  
B11 Weird Vegitable Growing  
B12 DeWisri ???  
B13 NiGht Tripper ANimaLs's Internal Organs=TORI#33  
B14 Villegi Of People Of Farm Of Normal#5  
B15 Thegreatkingofhorror#8  
B16 NOKIO ?????  
  • Sitar, Tabla, Suling, Tambourine, Xylophone, Synthesizer [DX-7], Drum Machine [TR-505] – Takashi Korgo
  • Vocals, Synthesizer [DX-100], Synthesizer [DX-7], Synthesizer [MS-10], Synthesizer [SK-1] – Shigeo Ootake
  • Vocals, Tambourine, Pipe, Accordion, Guitar, Synthesizer [Mini-Moog], Synthesizer [Korg-Echo] – Naofumi Ishimaru