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Burning The Watching Bride (with Terry Burroughs)

Artist: Asmus Tietchens

Year: 1998
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Desaster Area DA1
Format: Vinyl Lp



Companies, etc.


This recording is the fourth and final in a series of four. Part 1 was 'Watching The Burning Bride' by Asmus Tietchens and Terry Burrows (Hamster Records HAM 16), part 2 was 'Abfleischung' by Asmus Tietchens (HAM 25), part 3 was 'The Whispering Scale' by Terry Burrows (HAM 26). These were released 1986/88.
Burrows processes Tietchens: Sounds recorded by Asmus Tietchens at Audioplex Studios, Hamburg and recomposed by Terry Burrows at The Piano Faytory, London
Tietchens processes Burrows: Sounds recorded by Terry Burrows at Surgeon´s Lab, London and recomposed by Asmus Tietchens at Audioplex Studios, Hamburg