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Bleach Has Feelings, Too! / To Cover Up Your Right To Live

Artist: Sun City Girls

Year: 0
Country: United States
Catalog No: Eclipse Records ECL-025
Format: Vinyl Lp-2
Spezification: 2003 release of the Cloaven Tapes from the 80's


  Bleach Has Feelings, Too!
A1 Don't 3:40
A2 Fog Hotel 14:23
A3 Personal Blowjob 6:10
B1 Billy, Put That Bomb Away! 6:08
B2 Laundryroom Satanist 6:55
B3 Local 98 Rock 2:50
B4 A Homosexual Revelation 2:52
B5 The Last Outpost 5:45
  To Cover Up Your Right To Live
C1 Rock And Roll 2:49
C2 Waitin For My Man 3:29
C3 Headhunter 5:39
C4 Summertime Blues 2:44
C5 Psychedelic Shack 4:16
C6 TNTNT 2:59
D1 Dark Eyes 1:28
D2 Spanish Caravan 2:30
D3 Back Stabbers 2:55
D4 Paris 1942 4:02
D5 Wild World Of Animals 3:05
D6 Caravan 4:04
D7 It Never Rains In California 3:15


The second volume in the Cloaven cassette reissue program. Limited edition of 1000 copies.