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Gender: Male
Country: United States
Description: Formed in Seattle in 1979, after the breakup of The Telepaths, who's lineup included future Blackouts Erich Werner, Mike Davidson, and William Rieflin. The Blackouts' lineup included lead singer/guitarist Erich Werner, bassist Mike Davidson, synth/sax player Roland Barker and drummer William Rieflin. Shortly after their second release, the "Men In Motion EP", Mike Davidson was replaced by Paul Barker, Roland's brother. Playing their final Seattle show in August 1982, the Blackouts headed for Boston. There they met Ministry's Al Jourgensen who produced their last release, the "Lost Soul's Club EP". Another move, this time to San Francisco, in 1984, was followed by the Blackouts' disintegration in June 1985. By 1986, Paul, Bill and Roland had all joined Ministry. The remaining Blackout, Erich Werner, eventually found his way to The Toiling Midgets