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Bill Pritchard

Gender: Male
Country: France
Description: Bill Pritchard is a British singer-songwriter, instrumentalist (guitars, keyboards), musical arranger and producer. The dry, deadpan voice and introspective storytelling of Bill Pritchard has drawn comparisons to Morrissey and Lloyd Cole. Although he was born in Lichfield, England, Pritchard is more well-known outside of his homeland; Pritchard has amassed cult followings in Japan, Italy, Holland, Belgium, and France, where he eventually relocated. Pritchard's first two LPs, Bill Pritchard and Half a Million, triggered interest at Play It Again Sam Records. In 1989, the label released his third album Three Months, Three Weeks & Two Days. The LP was a flop in England, but it sold well in other European countries. The album was also a minor hit on college radio in America; the video for the single "Tommy and Co." was even featured on MTV's 120 Minutes program. After moving to France, Pritchard collaborated with singer Daniel Darc of Taxi Girl on the record Parce Que. In 1991, Ian Broudie of Care and the Lightning Seeds produced Pritchard's album Jolie. The popularity of Jolie in Japan and Canada piqued the interest of Polygram/Island Records and signed Pritchard to a contract. However, problems with the label stalled his career. In 1995, Pritchard formed the band Beatitude with guitarist Tim Bradshaw, bassist Tuppy Rutter, and drummer Paul Barlow, recording one single, "Baby in Brylcreem." In 1998, Pritchard released Happiness and Other Crimes on Ncompass Music.