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Big City Orchestra

Alias: Big City Orckestra, Bzg Czty Zrchzstrz
Gender: Male
Country: United States
An American multi-media band, started and headed by a composer known as DAS. It was started in 1979, when a group of young artists decided to start up a network of households connected through mutual economy and subcultural otherness. From its very inception the line-up was conside- rably irregular (the usual personnel included ROBO, YOUR HOST BOBBY, MINOY, Bruce G. LEE, Rand WEATHERWAX, Ken REYVISION, Drew DOBBS, Tom ANDREWS and Cliff NEIGHBORS). Fascinated with The RESIDENTS, Frank ZAPPA, Dadaism, Surrealism, Luigi RUSSOLO and industrial music, they managed to come up with their own original and unclassifiable body of work, ranging from noise and surreal electroacoustic collages to avant-garde rock and pop music. The bulk of their expansive catalogue consisted of low-run tapes distributed via the international cassette network. They reached a wider audience through regular radio shows, exhibitions of their own paintings and an independent art magazine TRYST. Also, they have gained some acclaim owing to their interesting video art works, which have been presented at many festivals all over the world. One of such compositions was banned from public presentation due to its obscene character. The band have extensively collaborated with both the industrial culture artists (The HATERS, ALLEGORY CHAPEL LTD., CRAWLING WITH TARTS or Hal McGEE) as well as those from outside it, like Daevid ALLEN, The BRAN FLAKES or Brook HINTON. Discography: Annual 1983 (Ubuibi 1984) tape Annual 1984 (Ubuibi 1985) tape collaboration with DEATHRANCH Massacre Of The Innocents (Sound Of Pig 1985) tape Arph, Arph, Arph (A.R.P.H. Tapes 1985) tape Annual 1985 (UBUIBI 1986) tape Bob Hope Fruit Loop Special (Audiofile Tapes 1986) tape Daydreams Of Night (Zeal SS 1986) tape Edge Of Destruction (Swinging Axe Productions 1986) tape Gateway Of Fruitloops (The Subelectrick Institue 1986) tape Massacre Again (Tonspur Tapes 1986) tape Parade Of Idiots (Bog - Art 1986) tape Carnival Of Monsters (Ralph Records 198?) tape Annual 1986 (UBUIBI 1987) tape Arc Of Infinity (Harsh Reality Music 1987) CD-R Fury From The Deep (Markus Schwill 1987) tape Hand Of Fear (Calypso Now! 1987) tape Mile After Mile (Sound Of Pig 1987) tape Mind Of Evil (The Subelectrick Institue 1987) tape Myth Makers (Nihilistic Recordings 1987) tape Substance Abuse (The Subelectrik Institute 1987) tape Telegraph (New Flesh Tapes 198?) tape Trail Of Destruction (S.J. Organisation 1987) tape A Good Time To Start Something New (Epitapes 1988) tape Absence Sharpens, Presents Strenghtens (GGE Records 1988) tape Animal Religion (Ralph Records 1988) tape split with The HATERS Progressive Composition (ZNS 198?) tape Annual 1987 (UBUIBI 1988) tape Everyman Is A Volume (Korm Plastics 1988) CD-R Seeds Of Doom (Bloedvlag Produkt 198?) tape In The Near Future (Freedom In A Vacuum 1988) tape Number 1 (UBUIBI 198?) tape Number 2 (UBUIBI 198?) tape Number 3 (UBUIBI 198?) tape Number 4 (UBUIBI 198?) tape Number 5 (UBUIBI 198?) tape Long Term Stimulation (SSS Productions 1988) tape Magnetic Personality (IEP 1988) tape Beatles Hell (Words And Sounds 198?) tape Gaiement (Le Re?seau 198?) tape split with CRAWLING WITH TARTS Tryst 3 (UBUIBI 1988) tape Web Of Fear (S.J. Organisation 1988) tape Aime - Morot (Harsh Reality Music 1989) tape Mind Bent And Fancy Free (Industrial Therapy Unit 1989) tape Annual 1988 (UBUIBI 1989) tape We Like Noize Too (UBUIBI 198?) tape split with John HUDAK / DADA FROLIC (Another Umbrella Corporation 198?) tape Sound Choice Cassette Culture Selection (Sound Choice 198?) tape Bretagne (Nihilistic Recordings 1989) tape Childhood Rememberences (Seiten Sprung Aufnahmen 1989) tape Headache Remedy (Ecto Tapes 1989) tape Verstimmt (Ecto Tapes 198?) tape collaboration with EEL O Pandora Flutter Tongue (Ecto Tapes 198?) tape collaboration with EEL O Pandora Snicker Eros (Ecto Tapes 198?) tape Planet Of Giants (Peuleschille Tapes 198?) tape Oblivion Realized (Minus Habens 1989) tape ?41 Painfull Audio Enema (Lowlife Audio 1989) tape collaboration with VIDNA OBMANA (Mechanical Orchestration Music 1989) tape Man Of Steal (Audiofile Tapes 1989) tape Annual 1989 (UBUIBI 1990) tape