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Bidon Four

Artist: Det Wiehl

Year: 1987
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: LeBel PeRIOD
Format: Tape
A1 Walking Brassbanknurses 5:10
A2 Texas Air-Strip 3:20
A3 Don't Sleep Now 5:35
A4 Malcolm 4:00
A5 MC Indus 3:00
A6 Our Cardinalls 2:35
A7 Major B.C. 0:35
A8 Rainfaces, Tearfaces 5:00
B1 Poxypas 1:00
B2 Spurt 4:20
B3 See Articles 2:55
B4 Nails 4:20
B5 Casserole 3:50
B6 Random Ensemble 7:50
B7 Ma Chère Adeline 5:10
Recordings from 1985 > 1987. Professional photo cover with insert. Numbered.