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Ben, Ruach, Ab, Shaloshethem, Yechad Thaubodo / Idrogeni Superiori

Artist: The Hafler Trio / Luciano Dari

Year: 1987
Country: Italy
Catalog No: Musica Maxima Magnetica, eee 01
Format: Vinyl Lp


    Ben, Ruach, Ab, Shaloshethem, Yechad Thaubodo
A1 The Hafler Trio Captation #7 - 'Transilient Membranes' 10:15
A2 The Hafler Trio Buggy Whip Flings 3:55
A3 The Hafler Trio Captation #9 - 'Sarekobe' 5:50
    Idrogeni Superiori
B1 Luciano Dari Deo Duce 7:35
B2 Luciano Dari Virikuta 5:05
B3 Luciano Dari Soviet Propaganda 3:40



The tracks from side A were originally released on The Hafler Trio record Brain Song.
Limited Edition of 1428 copies dedicated to Philip White. Also includes a booklet With some illustrations and 2 articles "Symbols of Transformation" by The Hafler Trio, and "Hydrogen" By Dari. Both are printed in Italian and English