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Gender: Male
Country: Netherlands
Description: A Dutch industrial duo exploring various areas of industrial music, started in 1989 by two artists: Freek KINKELAAR (b. 1966), art academy gradu- ate, performance artist and the co-owner of the PLINKITY PLONK record label, also known for his solo projects: The HONEYMOONERS, DAR POMORZA, HONEYMOON PRODUCTION and BRUNNEN; and Frans De WAARD (b. 1965), also a member of several other groups, including KAPOTTE MUZIEK, GOEM and FREIBAND. The two had previously worked together for the RATAPLAN radio station, hosting a programme dedicated to experi- mental electronic music, and had also performed on several occasions with THU20. Originally devised as a one-off support band for The LEGENDARY PINK DOTS’ show in Utrecht, its name was inspired by the works of Ger- man artist Joseph BEUYS, especially his concept called BIENENKONIGIN, which was about utilizing any natural and organic substances (e.g. honey, tree bark, blood, carcass) alongside traditional materials in the creative process. Favourable reception of BEEQUEEN’s debut performance promp- ted the artists to continue both the project as such and the European tour alongside The LEGENDARY PINK DOTS. By 2000, the band had released a considerable number of diverse and critically acclaimed albums inspi- red by experimental industrial music and the academic electronic music. Their recordings relied on processed field recordings, blended with synthe- tic glitches and electronic static. One of their most acclaimed releases, Sugarbush (1995), contains extremely processed songs by Elvis PRESLEY (Return To Sender) and Neil DIAMOND (A Beautiful Noise). After 2000, they focused on exploring the possibilities of acoustic instruments, which resulted in a more psychedelic and oneiric sound. In 2000 De WAARD and KINKELAAR started another band called WANDER, as a vehicle for pursuing the ideas from BEEQUEEN’s early years. Discography: Mappa Mundi (Korm Plastics 1989) CD-R split with LEGENDARY PINK DOTS Der Aussiedler (Rund Um Den Watzmann 1990) 12” EP split with TECHNOLOGICAL AQUIVER Scala Destillans/Rumbling...Ravage... (Korm Plastics/De Fabriek 1990) LP