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Avant-Dernières Pensées

Gender: Male
Country: Spain
Description: The most famous solo project by Anto?n IGNORANT (b. 1957), a Spanish multi-media artist, poet and composer of experimental forms of electro- nic music, also known as a performer under his own and AUDIOPESTE and IGNORANT BUILDINGS names. In addition, he co-ran two legendary avant- garde and industrial groups, MACROMASSA and RAEO. He began his artistic activities in 1982. His musical work was inspired by the works of both avant-garde composers of an academic background and industrial artists. Apart from composing, he is also known for producing quasi-theatrical poetical performances, dance performances and video art. Since 2000, together with Victor NUBLA, he has been involved in organizing contempo- rary music festivals in Barcelona. Discography: Arte Deshecho (Cintas 1984) tape split with MELODINAMIKA SENSOR/32 GUAJAR’S FARAGU?IT/CAMINO AL DESVA?N 4 Grupos De Barcelona (Discos Esplendor Geome?trico 1985) LP Descomposicio?n Elemental (Cintas 1986) tape Radiante Porvenir (Discos Esplendor Geome?trico 1986) LP as Anto?n IGNORANT C1 (Grand Mal 1986) tape as Anto?n IGNORANT collaboration with Victor NUBLA Delirio De Dioses (Frenetic Records 1986) LP collaboration with COMANDO BRUNO Muestras Sin Valor (Discos Esplendor Geome?trico 1986) LP as Anto?n IGNORANT L’Hora Felic? (Grand Mal 1986) tape Veterinarios Del K’os/miedo (Cintas 1988) tape as IGNORANT BUILDINGS XVIII La Luna (G3G Records 1989) 7” EP as AUDIOPESTE N?aka (Grand Mal 1991) tape as AUDIOPESTE D.I.E. (Grand Mal 1992) tape