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Aural Domimende

Artist: Allegory Chapel Ltd.

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Label: ACLMX
Catalog No: ACLMX
Format: Tape
A1 Supplication To A Muse 3:30
A2 Electroprecipitation 3:20
A3 Reagan And Mars 2:48
A4 I See Flares 7:00
A5 Self-Immolation 5:45
A6 Sex Liber 5:45
A7 Manipulation 1:35
B1 In Memory Of Colleen Applegate (AKA Shauna Grant) 4:30
B2 Agents Of Dispersion 4:07
B3 Curb Your Dogma 3:45
B4 Your Manifesto, Your Ego 6:56
B5 Liturgy Schizophrenia 5:15
B6 Earcandy For April 4:30
Cassette packaged with j-card in snap-case. Accompanied by a 32-page A5 booklet entitled "Incunabula Nuerotica 1988"