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Amarga Cosecha

Artist: Rafael Flores

Year: 1980
Country: Spain
Label: ECDM
Catalog No: ECDM
Format: Tape
A1 Untitled 5:15
A2 Untitled 5:22
A3 Untitled 3:42
A4 Untitled 5:40
A5 Untitled 2:32
A6 Untitled 5:00
A7 Untitled 1:07
B1 Untitled 4:18
B2 Untitled 2:19
B3 Untitled 6:36
B4 Untitled 2:39
B5 Untitled 4:13
B6 Untitled 6:30
B7 Untitled 2:59
Comes with 12 xerox inserts in a PVC sleeve.
Early Rafael Flores' works in various style.