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Al Kahïra

Artist: Guerra Pagan

Year: 1984
Country: Austria
Label: Al Khemi
Catalog No: Al Khemi 1
Format: Tape
1 Khaled Khan  
2 Ptah  
3 Khephra  
4 Pteroma  
5 Pagan Love Song  
6 Khedive  
7 Haqq al damm  
8 Ptomaine  
Al Khemi
Hatschekstr 7/3
4840 Vbruck

"-die Verehrung, die Kem bei den Agyptern genoß, war so groß, daß man sein Bild und seine Statue nicht nur in allen Tempeln vorfindet, sondern-" (Reuß, Lingam-Yoni)

The following description was published in some copies of the Various Artists: "Indochina" cassette release published by the Al Khemi label. The description appears on a small mail order advertisment for the Al Khemi label.

Guerra Pagan
Al Kahira

Archaic pagan muzak recorded 8-10 April 84. C50, limited to 93. For Khaled Khan.

Submiters Note: Khaled Khan was a pseudonym used by Aleister Crowley.