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Aimless Music Vol. 2

Artist: Clinique Lutetia

Year: 1986
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: BloedvlagProdukt
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
  Side A: The Corpulating With Satan Side
A1 Anti Chr Party (Part I)  
A2 Rege Satanas  
A3 Nails  
A4 Suffering Parts I+II  
A5 Godless Eyes  
A6 Instrumentum Diaboli  
A7 Suffering Part III  
A8 Krach  
A9 Anti Chr Party (Part II)  
  Side B: The Satan Suck Side
B1 Chr. Party (Party I)  
B2 Heaven's Blue  
B3 Lord I Want To Be A Christian  
B4 Angeldust Experiments  
B5 Sind Wie Nicht Menschen?  
B6 Circular Pain  
B7 Gods Voice Poluted  
B8 Satan Sucks  
B9 Chr. Party (Part II) Out Of Control  
On cover Artist named Clinique Lutetia, but on insert: Qlinique Lutetia.