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A Mystery Mark

Artist: Selfs Without Shells

Year: 1990
Country: Belgium
Label: EE Tapes
Catalog No: EE_Tapes, ET08
Format: Tape
  Music To Wake Up With...
A1 Artdrive  
A2 Even Waiting/Do You Minute  
A3 This Is Really Me  
A4 I Am One (Of Us)  
A5 Ora (Hear Us Call)  
A6 A Mystery Mark  
A7 Unfortunate Young Ones  
A8 Get Out Of Dreamland  
  Music To Go To Sleep With...
B1 Rape It Out  
B2 Another Night  
B3 Iron I Run  
B4 Selfsenderzamy  
B5 Lonesome Cowboy In The Desert  
B6 When The Word Is Not A Word (Version)  
B7 Follow A Dream  
B8 In-Life  
Limited handnumbered edition of 250 copies.
Comes with a postcard designed by Messy & an info sheet.