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A Flashback Of Stains

Artist: White Stains

Year: 1990
Country: Sweden
Label: Topy
Catalog No: Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth Scandinavia; Topyscan promo
Format: Tape


A1 Sweet Jayne  
A2 Here To Do  
A3 The Energy  
A4 Phase Of Madness  
A5 It's Yours If You Want It  
A6 The Awareness  
A7 My Hallucination  
A8 Express Your Desire  
A9 Death At Hand  
B1 The Result  
B2 Ov Like Mind  
B3 Underworld Initiation  
B4 N.I.B.  
B5 Excerpts From "Pyramidos"  


A1 & A2 originally released as Sweet Jayne 12" (A.O.I.T., 1988).
A3 & A4 originally released as The Energy / Phase Of Madness 7" (TOPYSCAN, 1988).
A5 originally released on Swedish Exotica Volume One comp. LP (TOPYSCAN, 1988).
A6 & A7 originally released as The Awareness / My Hallucination 7" (TOPYSCAN, 1989).
A8 & A9 originally released as Express Your Desire / Death At Hand 7" (TOPYSCAN, 1989).
B1 & B2 originally released as The Result / Ov Like Mind 7" (TOPYSCAN, 1989).
B3 originally released on This Infernal Love Of Life comp. LP (TOPYSCAN, 1990).
B4 originally released on The Legacy - The Sabbath Continues comp. CD/LP (Frequent Frenzy, 1990).
B5 later released in a complete version on The Somewhat Lost Horizon CD (Anckarström, 1991).