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A Corps Bilatéraux

Artist: Utilisation Du Vieux Port & La Fondation

Year: 1982
Country: France
Catalog No: Utilisation Du Vieux Port; none, La Fondation; none
Format: Tape
    Face Utilisation Du Vieux Port
A1 –Utilisation Du Vieux Port Iceberg (Fruit Primeur)  
A2 –Utilisation Du Vieux Port Rockaricky (Fruit Primeur)  
A3 –Utilisation Du Vieux Port Staccato (Azertyuiop)  
A4 –Utilisation Du Vieux Port Jazzak (Azertyuiop)  
A5 –Utilisation Du Vieux Port Poupée Amphétaminée (Azertyuiop)  
A6 –Utilisation Du Vieux Port ... (Anonymus)  
A7 –Utilisation Du Vieux Port Année Des Cades 25 (Le Dernier Standard)  
A8 –Utilisation Du Vieux Port Musook Du Petit Bal (Le Dernier Standard)  
A9 –Utilisation Du Vieux Port Malone Meurt (Egone Doute)  
A10 –Utilisation Du Vieux Port Booling Trash  (Egone Doute)  
A11 –Utilisation Du Vieux Port Nicolas De Stael (Egone Doute)  
A12 –La Fondation / Utilisation Du Vieux Port Paris Marseille (La Fondation/Utilisation Du Vieux Port)  
A13 –Utilisation Du Vieux Port Oswald (Fruit Primeur)  
A14 –Utilisation Du Vieux Port Nostalgie (Le Dernier Standard)  
    Face La Fondation
B1 –La Fondation Sorcier  
B2 –La Fondation Force Tranquille  
B3 –La Fondation Abattoir 82  
B4 –La Fondation Suzie  
B5 –La Fondation Petit Meurtre  
B6 –La Fondation Affaire Benjamin Wilton  
B7 –La Fondation B.a.b.a  
B8 –La Fondation Coupe-Gorge  
  • Bass, Arranged By [Traitements] – Duplicata (2) (tracks: A1 to A14)
  • Bass, Percussion [Rhythms] – Gretzed (tracks: A1 to A14)
  • Guitar, Percussion, Vocals – Didihay (tracks: A1 to A14)
  • Guitar, Saxophone, Vocals – Brian Steno (tracks: A1 to A14)
  • Performer – A C A (tracks: A12, B1 to B8), Alex Réparok (tracks: A12, B1 to B8), C. Naturel (tracks: A12, B1 to B8), Didier Legrende (tracks: A12, B1 to B8), Didier Montebello (tracks: A12, B1 to B8), Erich Zann (2) (tracks: A12, B1 to B8), L.D. Track (tracks: A12, B1 to B8), Lukaï (tracks: A12, B1 to B8), Nini Raviolette (tracks: A12, B1 to B8), Philippe Denis (3) (tracks: A12, B1 to B8), Robert Nemoure (tracks: A12, B1 to B8), Sten Colt (tracks: A12, B1 to B8)
  • Performer [Images], Arranged By [Traitements] – Anonyme (2) (tracks: A1 to A14)
  • Piano, Vocals, Percussion [Rhythms] – Sol Diese (tracks: A1 to A14)
  • Synthesizer, Arranged By [Traitements] – Krampf (tracks: A1 to A14)
  • Written-By – Anonyme (2) (tracks: A6 to A11, A14), Brian Steno (tracks: A3 to A5, A7, A8, A14), Didihay (tracks: A1, A2, A7 to A11, A13, A14), Duplicata (2) (tracks: A3 to A5), Gretzed (tracks: A1, A2, A9 to A11, A13), Krampf (tracks: A7 to A11, A14), Sol Diese (tracks: A1, A2, A6 to A11, A13, A14)
Limited Edition of 500 copies within 15 small cards (tracks & credits on one sides + photos/paintings on the other sides);
packed in a transparent plastic-sleeve.

Track B7 named on insert-card