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A Chemical In D├ębris

Artist: Solanaceae Tau

Year: 1989
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Nihilistick Noise, none
Format: Tape
A1 Ozonic Hunter  
A2 Amplitude Overload Desaster  
A3 Replikant  
A4 Ozonik Hunter  
A5 Koenig Kreon  
A6 The Anti-Immune Factory  
A7 Catholic Windfuck  
A8 Diagnostic Kontrazeptiva  
B1 Fashions Of Human Insanity  
B2 Climatic Catastrophy  
B3 Filhos Da Revolucao  
B4 Tau P.  
B5 DNA Desaster  
B6 Le Technicien Opaque  
B7 Education Through Anarchy  
B8 Exlibris S.T.  
B9 Pestilential In Promised Land  
B10 Thermonuclear Wardance  
  • Bass, Vocals, Percussion – Sidrim
  • Guitar – Bateau Ivre
  • Performer [Electromagnetic And Digital Soundproduction], Drums [Rhythm], Strings, Voice – Fenrir (2)
  • Vocals – Katmaina, Mirjan Fischer
Numbered edition.