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20 HÃ¥rde - 20 Tough

Artist: 10 Ord

Year: 1983
Country: Denmark
Label: Basedofv
Catalog No: Basedofv 005
Format: Tape
A1 Lost Again  
A2 Young Brother  
A3 Jack The Horner  
A4 Telephone  
A5 Anyway  
A6 It's Normal  
A7 Behave  
A8 Who Are You  
A9 Restrictive  
A10 Keep Crawling  
B1 Party Fun  
B2 Dead Duck  
B3 To Be  
B4 Insane  
B5 Look Before You Leap  
B6 Your Mother  
B7 Beach  
B8 Hero  
B9 The Beast  
B10 Running Out