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Monochrome Bleu

Gender: Male
Country: Austria
Monochrome Bleu

Monochrome Bleu was formed by Wolfgang Dorninger & Thomas Resch in 1983. The band started as a kind of melodic industrial band and transformed later in a kind a industrial pop-band. In 1984 Leo Schatzl joined Monochrome Bleu to produce videos & video-environments for the band. 1987 Peter Androsch joined the band as guitar player and also as composer. The band performed all over Europe and did 3 three USA-Tours (1986, 1989, 1992).

Band Members
Peter Androsch - guitar, composition
classical music composer, member since 1987, peter writes operas, string quartets, film scores, lives in Linz, Austria

Wolfgang Fadi Dorninger - electronics, vocals, composer
studied at the Art University in Vienna (Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst), founding member of Monochrome Bleu, runs a audio-production company (soundtracks, filmscores, theatermusic, environmental music), runs base records, plays in bands like Wipeout, Dorninger, The Smiling Buddhas

Thomas Resch - vocals, saxophon, lyrics
studied at the Art Univerity in Linz, Austria. Is a founding member of Monochrome Bleu, lives in Vienna, Austria, runs a printing company
Monochrome Bleu:
Die Ind (Label) and other labels as noted

1984 Compilation/Tape Leider nur im Wohnzimmer
1984 Compilation/Tape Fadi Sampler No. 1
1985 Album/Tape Dunkle Schwingungen
1985 Compilation/Tape Hear the Roar of Mountains audiofile Tapes (USA)
1985 Album/Tape Monochrome Bleu
1985 Split-Album/Tape Tausende Schnitte
1985 Compilation/Tape Scary World SOP Music (USA)
1985 Compilation/Tape Tape Report No. 0
1985 Compilation/Tape Tape Report No. 1
1985 Compilation/Tape Fadi Sampler No.2
1985 Album/Tape Musik zur besseren Verständigung
1986 Album/Tape What Is A Linz ?
1986 Compilation/Tape Tape Report No. 2
1986 Compilation/Tape Mirage Cause and Effect (USA)
1986 Compilation/Tape The New Rock 'n' Roll DTW o5/o6 (D)
1986 Compilation/Tape Fadi Sampler No.3
1986 Compilation/12" Vinyl Dry Lungs Pt. 3 Placebo Rec. (USA)
1987 Compilation/Tape Band It No. 17 Cause und Effect (USA)
1987 Compilation/Tape Notre Dame 1 EE-Tapes (B)
1987 Compilation/Tape Tape Report No. 3
1987 Compilation/Tape Objekt No. 3 Ladd-Frith (USA)
1987 Album/Tape What Is A Linz ? Ladd-Frith (USA)
1987 Compilation/Tape Tape Report No. 4
1987 Compilation/Tape Insomnia Vol. 1 We Never Sleep (USA)
1987 Compilation/Tape Fadi Sampler No.4
1988 12" Vinyl Taucher Extraplatte (A)
1989 Compilation/12" Vinyl Music Of Die Ind Out Of Depression (D)
1989 Album/Tape US-Tour 1989
1990 Compilation/Tape Tape Report No. 5
1990 Compilation/Tape Rambo Vol.1 Irre Tapes (D)
1990 Compilation/Tape Conapt 2 Organic Tapes (F)
1990 Album/Tape Stay Or Go Irre Tapes (D) und Ladd-Frith (USA)
1992 3x CD Catfood
1995 CD Better Elvis We Never Sleep (USA)
1998 CD Done Sputnik (A)
An Austrian group of irregular line-up, started in 1983 by Wolfgang DORNINGER (b. 1960), a multi-media artist also known for his involvement in groups JOSEF K. NOYCE and WIPEOUT, and Thomas RESCH (b. 1960). In 1987 Peter ANDROSCH (b. 1964) joined as an official member. Between 1984 and 1988 the personnel also included Leo SCHATZL (b. 1958), a video artist and audio-video installation maker. Their music was noted for its effective combination of characteristics from the industrial avant-garde of rock music and expressive melodic lines, and the live appearances were enhanced with screenings of film material inducing reflections on the dark sides of the human psyche and the possibilities in penetrating it. The instrumentation included traditional acoustic instruments, e.g. guitars, drums, and saxophone, although unconventionally used, as well as an analogue synthesizer, drum machine, and prepared tapes. With time the group’s work became incre- asingly eclectic and arranged in terms of both form and sound, leaning towards avant-garde rock music, or even ambient music. Although never officially terminated, the project radically limited its activities in the late 1990s. In addition to his musical career in a variety of fields, including soundtracks for film, theatre, and multi-media art, DORNINGER has also produced his own radio programmes, has co-organised electronic music festivals since 1996, e.g. ”ARS ELECTRONICA”, and last but not least, has run a record label, from 1984 to 2002 known as DIE IND, then 7INCH12, and in 1997 renamed BASE RECORDS. Selected discography: Monochrome Bleu (Die Ind 1984) tape split with JOSEF K. NOYCE Tausende Schnitte (Die Ind 1985) tape What Is A Linz ? (Die Ind 1986) tape as JOSEF K. NOYCE Bali - Alternative TV (Die Ind 1986) tape Taucher (Extraplatte 1987) LP as JOSEF K. NOYCE Josef K. Noyce Sings Shakespeare (Bad Alchemy 1989) LP as JOSEF K. NOYCE Use Power With Power (Die Ind 1990) tape