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Kanker Kommando (K.a.K.)

Years running: 1980-
Country: Belgium
KANKER KOMMANDO Alias: K.a.K. (their label)


Started in 1980 as a punk band by Hendrik Laevens and Jaak Perquy, later joined by Geert De Sutter, Jan Tourmalain and Gil Verkeyn.

Soon after it's creation, the band would transform into a lo-fi, noise-industrial, avantgarde band and by 1982 it became the duo of Jaak Perquy (AJ 993 447) and Henk Willaert.

As of 1986 it became the solo band of Jaak Perquy and by 2017 Hendrik Laevens rejoined as an active full-member.*

Jaak Perquy committed suicide in 2019.

(Quoted from Discogs*)



K.a.K. 001 Loud/Stereo/.Eadphones, cassette C-60, 1984

K.a.K. 002 H-Block, 2xcassette C-60 + C-90, 1985

K.a.K. 003 Liefdesliederen Voor De Dief, cassette C-90, 1986

K.a.K. 004 Barbard – De l’Ame Pour l’Animal, cassette C-60 198?

K.a.K. 005 Naakt En Kwetsbaar, cassette C-90, 1987

K.a.K. 006 Kanker Kommando Konkret, cassette C-90, 198?

K.a.K. 007 Hongermarsen, cassette C-90, 1988

KW05 Low-Tech 1982-88, lp, Knotwilg, 2017 (limited edition: copies)

KW06 Live At The V2 Factory, cassette, 2017 (limited edition: 120 copies)



TEIPA01 Fas Familia, Therapie Compilatie 1, Therapie Organisation, cassette C-60, 1985

KW12 Live Excerpt, Fit For Queens, Knotwilg, cassette C-60, 2020 (limited edition: 50 copies)

KW12 Live Excerpt, Fit For Queens, Knotwilg, cassette C-60, 2020